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When users download and install the Avira Antivirus in their system the Avira launcher also gets installed automatically with the latest version. Whether you install the Avira antivirus offline or online it does not matter the Avira launcher will get installed and it is very difficult to remove the Avira launcher from the computer and after users setup of the antivirus is creates some compatibility issues with the system. This will happen for paid and free versions. Both the versions will install the Avira launcher automatically. The company claims that the Avira launcher let users install one or more Avira product such as browser safety but actually it is a tool to promote the Avira products among the users of the Avira. This is used to encourage the users to buy one or more products by Avira.

But users who do not want to install the other products of Avira find the Avira launcher useless. And if users think to uninstall the Avira Launcher because they thought it is of no use for them then they will get a warning message displaying “Avira Launcher cannot be uninstalled, because it is required by following applications: -Free Antivirus” even though it has nothing to do with any other program.

In this case, the only thing which left is to disable the Avira launcher and to do it easily and without getting into any mess users can call to experts through Avira Contact Number +1-800-392-9127.

Follow the steps provided by Avira tech support team to disable the Avira launcher:

  • Users can easily uninstall it using the third-party tool but it will automatically get reinstalled if you update the Avira Antivirus.
  • Restart your computer and Run the dialogue box and type “msconfig” and enter.
  • Now go to task manager and then tap on “startup” and then go to manage start programs and select Avira Launcher and from there click on disable button.

If users need any help locating the Avira launcher then call on Avira tech support +1-800-392-9127 number.

Avail flawless solutions via Avira help number!

If users are still unable to disable the Avira launcher even after following the steps or the Avira Launcher gets reinstalled automatically then connect with experts through Avira help number toll-free without any hesitation. Our Avira technical experts are available 24X7 for the service of users.




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