Avira Antivirus Support if the Avira Antivirus is Not Performing Any Updates

From the starting Avira has given best antivirus to the customers of its users and has always made sure that the systems and the data of the users are getting the best protection from the virus attacks and malware attacks. And the company always releases new updates and new patches so that users can enjoy all the new features in their antivirus and can protect their data and other system files from the new and updated virus which can be harmful to the system.
But sometimes it so happens that suddenly your antivirus stops updating. You are not able to update the application manually nor the automatic update updates your antivirus and in such situation, you get exposed the online threats and other viruses which can potentially harm your system and you are not able to do anything. This happens due to the RebootPending.txt file which gets stored in the installation directory of Avira permanently even after you reboot your system. And when this happens the computer reboots and expects that there will be restart but it does not happen to result in blocking the further updates. So to solve this issue the only method is to delete the RebootPending.txt file manually. If you do not want to get into the mess and just want the latest version without hampering your work then call to Avira customer care experts otherwise you can also follow the steps to solve this problem.

Steps to solve this issue Avira Antivirus is Not Performing Any Updates

  • Firstly go to the taskbar and click on “Avira” icon to open the Avira console.
  • Then you need to go to the “settings” and then click on “general” and then go to “security”.
  • In the “security” section you have to disable the option “Protect files and registry entries from manipulation”.
  • Then click on “apply” to confirm the changes you have to click on “ok”.
  • Now you have to delete the RebootPending.txt files manually by going in the particular directories.
  • For Windows 7 go to this directory to delete the file- C:\ProgramData\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\CONFIG\RebootPending.txt.
  • For Windows 8/8.1 go to this directory to delete the file- C:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivirus\CONFIG\RebootPending.txt.
  • For Windows 10 go to this directory to delete the file- C:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivirus\CONFIG\RebootPending.txt.
  • After this, you have to go back to the same “settings” option and then go to the “general” tab and then on “security” and again enable the option which you have disabled.
  • Then click on “apply” and confirm the change by clicking on “ok”.
  • Now you can update the antivirus without any hassle or you can also set the automatic update for the application or you can also take Avira Antivirus support for the hassle-free update.

Avira support service without any delay.

If you are still unable to update the program due to some files then you should take help from the skilled technicians to solve your problem and to connect with them dial Avira support service number +1-800-314-0268 toll-free.

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